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Welcome to my blog!

This page is for me to tell my adventures and journey to my ultimate lifestyle, to help and inspire others to follow their dreams.

I am a solo traveller with a love for history. I am a timid yet can have a outthere personality.

I visit a lot of historic sites on my travels. The first country I ever went to was New Zealand when I was about 20 so I could get the hang of things such as currency that you don’t normally deal with in domestic travel as well as I grown up being a big Lord Of The Rings fan. Now I am 24 and have been to about 7 or so countries so far as well as various places around my home country Australia and can’t wait to grow that list and share my adventures with you all.

Check out my Travel Map page highlighting the countries I have been to. 

I also have been learning some circus skills such as aerial hoop, silks, trapeze, poi and can’t wait to extend that list, get better at what I have learnt and combine these skills with my travels. 

I will be writing about my goals/achievements,book suggestions,  travel tips and adventures, aerials, crafts and one of a kind experiences.

For starters making a blog has been one of the many goals I have had so HERE IT IS! 

 Life is a journey that’s full of adventures we have to start in one place to get to another…. 



Welcome to my blog! Where I write about travel, aerials, goals and adventures!