March Read- Level Up Your Life The Book 

Level Up Your Life The Book
So I figure this is a good time in my blog to talk about this fantastic book . I havnt read any other self help book quite as fitting to my personality as this one . 
Written by Steve Kamb founder of nerd and also a fellow nerd. 

Everyone has stuff they want to accomplish get fitter, reach a career goal , travel here or there but it’s a lot  easier for everyone to say rather then actually DOING it . 

This book helped me get motivated in some aspects that I needed to work on. I’m fine when it comes to travelling but it’s so easy be at home and get used to staying in our routines work, watching tv, gaming etc  and not trying a lot of things we want to instead we all say “wish I could do that”. 

Steve’s story is similar a nerd who loved to game and watch tv wishing he could live like Indiana jones and go on adventures . Well he did it! He has now written a book about how to stop you from saying I wish and collecting underpants and to get out there! 

This has to be 1 out of the top 2 books I have ever read. It’s a must check out 

Also don’t forget to check out his site nerd for more info 


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