The Famous Robot Restaurant Tokyo 

Robot Restaurant
Robot Restaurant
First things first with the robot restaurant I don’t think no matter how many videos you watch or what people say – nothing can really explain the Robot Restaurant it’s such a one of a kind experience if you are in Tokyo it’s a must go! 

Even though this is called “restaurant” it is not actually a restaurant. You do have the option when purchasing your ticket to buy a bento box and there’s also a couple of breaks during the show for toilet breaks and staff will come around and offer you drinks and snacks.

Lights, loud noises, lasers, robots, dancers and crazy outfits are some of the many things in the show.

Also a small note for people who may not know the robot restaurant is located in Shinjuku’s red light district which made me a little nervous being a solo woman walking around to go there (had never been to a RLD before) I honestly would tell someone wanting to go not to worry about it, you could barely tell that is what a RLD – or at least from the street that I had came through 

Robot Restaurant is rated one of the top things to do in Tokyo and I agree it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Tickets are available from their offical website and tourists agencies 

Here’s a video I have put together from my experience at the Robot Restaurant!

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