Benefits of being a solo traveller 

Views In Tokyo Japan

Ever thought about solo travel ? Or wondered what’s the point ? Well I am going to tell you some great points to solo travel! 

  • It will make you more out going- I am normally a quiet person until I get used to people but when your travelling solo you will learn to be a bit more outgoing even in simple situations as talking to people at reception desks, asking people for directions or even meeting other travellers.
  • You don’t miss out! If I didn’t go somewhere because no one I knew was interested in going or they couldn’t afford to etc then I would of been nearly no where ! 
  • Have your dream trip! You don’t need to worry about going around someone else, go where you want when you want 
  • Save money – now this will vary depending on your personality but I tend not to spend as much when I solo travel as I tend to make my own dinner more rather then going out and eating at fancy places everyday (which you can do there’s nothing wrong with that!), you can also stay at cheaper accom
First time seeing a squirrel – st james park in London

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