That time I got to attend a Suicide Squad preview screening ! 

Alrighty so this all started I had been hanging out for Suicide Squad to come out at cinemas like many people and I had planned to go on opening night to go see it, turns it I got lucky and got to see it even earlier! 

I had seen a advertisement on Facebook via Supanova for a competition to win a double pass to the early screening at crown casino. 

So I entered with no expectation at all, I’d love to enter more comps but a lot of the time you end up being stuck with a Subscription and you don’t win. I took a chance on this one and I did win! 

Attendees were welcome (and encouraged) to come along in costume. Of course I love that, I’m trying to get better at costume/cosplay sort of stuff but that’s for another post. 

Lucky for me I had a Harley Quinn costume at the ready from a small beginner routine I had done aerial hoops in

In my opinion the event was pretty well run – staff were in costumes, there was a costume competition which the winner had won a Xbox, free snacks/drinks and other little freebies such as stickers etc.

I’ll be honest reviewing the movie, in my opinion it was good not great, enjoyable yet room for improvement but a lot better then batman vs superman. 


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