My First Aerial Comp! 

So I started aerial hoop and silks this year! Which I am so glad I gave it a go because it’s something I’ve wanting to do for a long time and I really enjoy it plus there’s a lot of extra bonuses such as getting a workout. 

Poison Ivy Aerial Hoop
I have just competed in my first (in house) comp! Which is a big achievement something that really gets out of the comfort zone especially if you are a quite person. 

I had done 2 routines this time around :

Aerial silks was Lara Croft themed to Marilyn Mansons version of Sweet Dreams. 

Aerial Hoop was Poison Ivy themed to Alice Coopers Poison. 

I was extremely nervous to head out on stage for silks I have never done a silks routine in front of a audience before – I was literally shaking like a leaf but I got out there and did it – didn’t go 100% smoothly but that fine it was fun and I got out there. Aerial hoop I am more confident in and I wasn’t so nervous to head out on stage for that one once again wasn’t perfect but I was quite happy with how they went . 

Still from Lara Croft Aerial Routine

Like a lot of people I don’t like getting up and talking in front of a group of people – in fact I hate it but for some reason performing like this it seems I can do and enjoy it when I go out on to that stage it’s a living in the moment feeling and everything sort of zones out. I don’t know if this is something that has stuck with me from when I was a kid and did the end of year performances could who knows? 

Though basically as soon as my routines had finished as nervous as I was I’m already waiting for the next showcase/comp to come up. 

All the performers were great it was definitely a fierce comp you really just want to sit and see all of the routines which can be kinda hard , but they were all amazing and the teachers / hosts have all been great support for everyone and letting us all practice literally day and night . 

Anyways this is just one of the awesome experiences I’ve had this year and I hope it can maybe inspire someone to go and try something they have wanted to go out and do. Go try out for that bowling team, or that skydiving class you have been eyeing on the offical website for probably a few years – better yet fly to that country you have been screen shooting pictures of from Instagram/ Facebook and go snorkling! 
Go check out my YouTube channel to see some of the videos I’ve taken from Cosplaying aerials and some of my other experiences 🙂 

Have you competed in something you never thought you would of ? Perhaps there’s a cosplay/costume suggestion you would love to see me do a routine for ? Comment below ! 


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