Matt Kepnes Travel The World On $50 A Day – Dec Book Read

Many of us travellers all want to have a great experience but keep our costs to a minimum. Being one of those travellers- specially one who is looking at spending more time travelling my costs are a big part of what effects my options.

Travel the world on $50 a day written by Matt Kepnes aka Normadic Matt is a book designed to help travellers to see where they may save money and cut costs. 

Discussing many different subjects from saving money on air travel, city discount passes and different accommodation options such as hostels or couchsurfing, he covers a lot of various options that most travellers can cut down on. 

One of my favourite things about this Matt provides a lot of recourses such as website you can use to look up what interests you. 

This isn’t one of my favourite books that I have read but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep referring back to it when I need some good tips. 

Have you read Travel The World for $50 a day? What did you think about it ? 

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