Japanese Geisha photoshoot in Ginza 

taken by makeup artist on iphone

One of the best things I did in Japan was I found a place where you can go and get a photoshoot dressed as a geisha or samurai 

I had been Internet browsing for stuff to do and found a studio offering these photoshoots. The studio is located in Ginza which is really easy to get to if your a tourist in Tokyo -I suggest catching the subway it’s the easiest way around Tokyo.

take by makeup artist on iphone

The whole thing took maybe 2 or 3 hrs from memory . 

The staff were all great and friendly and had decent English if you are unable to speak Japanese.

You will be put into a robe and the first step is getting your makeup done – this takes up majority of the time. You then get taken and put into your geisha/ samurai outfit (sorry I’m not sure that they are offically called) . For the geisha there’s a lot for layers roughly about 7 so you will be wrapped up pretty tight lol . Then next is getting your wig on and tada! 

Then photoshoot time.

You get about 4 or 5 pro photos that they will print out and save to a disc for you, then the make up artist took me and to the next room and took some photos on my phone which she takes quite a lot too. The whole experience is a lot of fun and you will get great photos as well as its something you probably wouldn’t do at home or in another country.  It’s totally worth your time and money if you can while in Tokyo 

pro shot

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