Showcase #2 – Poi, Hoop and Silks

17/12/16 I participated in my second showcase at EnPointe Aerial Academy. I did 3 routines this time around (hoops, silks and poi).

There was definitely good and bad shows but in the end you have to focus on the positive – I finished all the routines! 

Aerial Hoop/Lyra – Pirates Of The Caribbean Davey Jones Theme

Though I haven’t seen any footage yet I am really happy with the way this routine went. I was really happy with how the costumes turned out, the timing went great and from what I could tell it seemed Sam and I were in sync together moving at the same time. 

Hoop is definitely my favourite apparatus though I need to work on my flexibility to make some of the poses look better. 

To channel my inner pirate we wore a pirate dress Sam had which had been sold at (I think) spotlight over Halloween. I tied a bandana around my head Johnny Depp style with random plaits around to resemble a dread look and make up was simple dark eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes nothing on top. 

Aerial Silks – Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet transvestite 

This routine was super fun, I went blank at one some part but for the most part this went fantastic and we had a great group as well performing this whole really built of each other and went out did they show weren’t afraid to laugh and came off smiling 😁

Our costumes were dark eyes, red lips and black leotard look with fishnets.

Poi – Beverly Hills Cop

I know I messed up so of the routine in poi by forgetting the start it probably wasn’t obvious to everyone else and I think it was because I got nervous but I knew I was gonna get mixed up with poi anyways so got to really attempt to put myself down about it. I went in with the idea that I knew it wasn’t gonna to go right but to laugh it off and enjoy it, I’ve  only been doing poi for once a week for 2 months and for some reason I seem to have more talent in the air then on the floor .

The costume for this was pretty straight forward with black then accessories like a police hat and badge 

Overall it was once again a great experience and I am so glad I decided to go to the trial class earlier this year – moral of the story go try something new! 

I hope to at some stage incorporate aerials into my travels but we all have to take one step at a time.

I should be posting up some videos from the show on YouTube at some point so keep a eye out on my channel .

Have you ever performed in something ? Mention your experience in the comments. 

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