2016 Overview 

We are coming to the end of 2016 guys! 

It’s amazing how much can happen in a 1 year . We can start off in one place and end it in a completely different, we have new experiences both positive and negative but one thing to always remind ourselves is that the positive is great to continue to build off and the negative is where and how we learn. 

This year was a lot learning and setting myself in the right direction and trying new things . To start with in the beginning of the year I started (and finished) reading Level Up Your Life which is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read to date . 

Since then I have focused on goals to improve my everyday life – I knew I had the capability to do this as I have previously already got myself solo travelling when I could and a few other daring things that you get satisfaction from. This post is about looking back proudly of 2016 taking the lessons learned with me into 2017 and building off them once again. 

Here are some of my 2016 achievements:

  • I’ve read more books this year then ANY previous year
  • I tried (and continue) Aerial Silks 
  • I tried (and continued) Aerial Hoop 
  • I performed at inhouse Aerial showcases and competitions 
  • I tried LED and fire /staff and poi spinning
  • I started to work on hula hooping – I have a long way to go yet but got to start somewhere
  • I went punting in Melbourne Botanic Gardens
  • I took a pole dancing trial class
  • I tried yoga 
  • I finally started a little bit of cosplay/ costuming
  • I did 2 sessions of trapeze lessons! 
  • I attended my first comic convention 
  • I (embarrassingly) took a cheerleading dance class 
  • I created (this) blog ! Yay
  • I grew spinach for 3 months (but then I died)

That’s just something’s I had written down in my goals list to do! Over the last few years I have found each year is getting better and better and it makes it always exciting to see what 2017 holds. 


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