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2016 Overview 

We are coming to the end of 2016 guys! 

It’s amazing how much can happen in a 1 year . We can start off in one place and end it in a completely different, we have new experiences both positive and negative but one thing to always remind ourselves is that the positive is great to continue to build off and the negative is where and how we learn. 

This year was a lot learning and setting myself in the right direction and trying new things . To start with in the beginning of the year I started (and finished) reading Level Up Your Life which is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read to date . 

Since then I have focused on goals to improve my everyday life – I knew I had the capability to do this as I have previously already got myself solo travelling when I could and a few other daring things that you get satisfaction from. This post is about looking back proudly of 2016 taking the lessons learned with me into 2017 and building off them once again. 

Here are some of my 2016 achievements:

  • I’ve read more books this year then ANY previous year
  • I tried (and continue) Aerial Silks 
  • I tried (and continued) Aerial Hoop 
  • I performed at inhouse Aerial showcases and competitions 
  • I tried LED and fire /staff and poi spinning
  • I started to work on hula hooping – I have a long way to go yet but got to start somewhere
  • I went punting in Melbourne Botanic Gardens
  • I took a pole dancing trial class
  • I tried yoga 
  • I finally started a little bit of cosplay/ costuming
  • I did 2 sessions of trapeze lessons! 
  • I attended my first comic convention 
  • I (embarrassingly) took a cheerleading dance class 
  • I created (this) blog ! Yay
  • I grew spinach for 3 months (but then I died)

That’s just something’s I had written down in my goals list to do! Over the last few years I have found each year is getting better and better and it makes it always exciting to see what 2017 holds. 


Showcase #2 – Poi, Hoop and Silks

17/12/16 I participated in my second showcase at EnPointe Aerial Academy. I did 3 routines this time around (hoops, silks and poi).

There was definitely good and bad shows but in the end you have to focus on the positive – I finished all the routines! 

Aerial Hoop/Lyra – Pirates Of The Caribbean Davey Jones Theme

Though I haven’t seen any footage yet I am really happy with the way this routine went. I was really happy with how the costumes turned out, the timing went great and from what I could tell it seemed Sam and I were in sync together moving at the same time. 

Hoop is definitely my favourite apparatus though I need to work on my flexibility to make some of the poses look better. 

To channel my inner pirate we wore a pirate dress Sam had which had been sold at (I think) spotlight over Halloween. I tied a bandana around my head Johnny Depp style with random plaits around to resemble a dread look and make up was simple dark eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes nothing on top. 

Aerial Silks – Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet transvestite 

This routine was super fun, I went blank at one some part but for the most part this went fantastic and we had a great group as well performing this whole really built of each other and went out did they show weren’t afraid to laugh and came off smiling 😁

Our costumes were dark eyes, red lips and black leotard look with fishnets.

Poi – Beverly Hills Cop

I know I messed up so of the routine in poi by forgetting the start it probably wasn’t obvious to everyone else and I think it was because I got nervous but I knew I was gonna get mixed up with poi anyways so got to really attempt to put myself down about it. I went in with the idea that I knew it wasn’t gonna to go right but to laugh it off and enjoy it, I’ve  only been doing poi for once a week for 2 months and for some reason I seem to have more talent in the air then on the floor .

The costume for this was pretty straight forward with black then accessories like a police hat and badge 

Overall it was once again a great experience and I am so glad I decided to go to the trial class earlier this year – moral of the story go try something new! 

I hope to at some stage incorporate aerials into my travels but we all have to take one step at a time.

I should be posting up some videos from the show on YouTube at some point so keep a eye out on my channel .

Have you ever performed in something ? Mention your experience in the comments. 

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Japanese Geisha photoshoot in Ginza 

taken by makeup artist on iphone

One of the best things I did in Japan was I found a place where you can go and get a photoshoot dressed as a geisha or samurai 

I had been Internet browsing for stuff to do and found a studio offering these photoshoots. The studio is located in Ginza which is really easy to get to if your a tourist in Tokyo -I suggest catching the subway it’s the easiest way around Tokyo.

take by makeup artist on iphone

The whole thing took maybe 2 or 3 hrs from memory . 

The staff were all great and friendly and had decent English if you are unable to speak Japanese.

You will be put into a robe and the first step is getting your makeup done – this takes up majority of the time. You then get taken and put into your geisha/ samurai outfit (sorry I’m not sure that they are offically called) . For the geisha there’s a lot for layers roughly about 7 so you will be wrapped up pretty tight lol . Then next is getting your wig on and tada! 

Then photoshoot time.

You get about 4 or 5 pro photos that they will print out and save to a disc for you, then the make up artist took me and to the next room and took some photos on my phone which she takes quite a lot too. The whole experience is a lot of fun and you will get great photos as well as its something you probably wouldn’t do at home or in another country.  It’s totally worth your time and money if you can while in Tokyo 

pro shot

My First Comic Convention

I attended Supanova April 2016 .It was my first comic convention I was nervous didn’t know what to expect but I wanted to go and I wanted to meet some peeps and my mate Kath wanted to go too so I pushed myself to go. I am glad I did I enjoyed it but I found it expensive in some ways . Entry fee $40 was fine but paying $60 per photo with a guest when you barely get to say hi to the guest then quickly have to leave is a bit expensive but if I am honest “would I do it again? ” yep i was happy meeting Manu Bennett(Spartacus, Arrow) and stoked to meet and get a photo with Burn Gorman(Turn Washington Spies, Game Of Thrones) btw he’s so British 😂😏😍

Burn Gorman and myself
Manu Bennett and myself
I didn’t buy anything but it’s was fun browsing around and seeing people’s cosplays . I didn’t go in a costume I was unprepared and undecided BUT I did wear my cat ears which I was happy with and tada I ended up getting some free face paint – enter supanova as me > leave as Luna from Sailor moon. (As you can see in the above images ) 
If your a someone who loves “geeky” stuff, tv shows or movies from comics, into perhaps into gaming or possibly looking for something new and fun to do with bonus of being able to cosplay(dress up) then you should take a browse and see when a comic convention maybe near you ! 

just a couple of cats Luna and Catwoman
Us as Sailor Moon characters
Weta demostration

Proud to say this also ticks off one of my goals as well! 
Have you been to supanova or another comic book convention ? Got any tips or tricks you recommend for aspiring cosplays? Maybe even a funny story you would like to share from your experience at a comic convention ? Comment below !  

Level 1 Aerial Hoops/Lyra

(Feb 2016) *sits staring at phone thinking to self “come on stop being indecisive just click the book now button – the class is free I have nothing to lose, it’s something I have always wanted to try” *clicks the book button

One of my first attempts at birdsnest

Yep that’s how that started! Every once in awhile I’d Google search where to learn aerials I didn’t have much success, until I saw a Facebook advertisement for a free aerial trial class.

I had never been in any sort of fitness class before it just never interested me. 
Bruises check . Sore muscles you didn’t know you had check. Adrenaline rush from how much fun you are having check! 

girl /man in a moon

Is there something you had wanted to do/a goal you’ve had  for such a long time , then gone and done it !? What was it? Did you enjoy it and recommend it ? Comment below 🙂 

Matt Kepnes Travel The World On $50 A Day – Dec Book Read

Many of us travellers all want to have a great experience but keep our costs to a minimum. Being one of those travellers- specially one who is looking at spending more time travelling my costs are a big part of what effects my options.

Travel the world on $50 a day written by Matt Kepnes aka Normadic Matt is a book designed to help travellers to see where they may save money and cut costs. 

Discussing many different subjects from saving money on air travel, city discount passes and different accommodation options such as hostels or couchsurfing, he covers a lot of various options that most travellers can cut down on. 

One of my favourite things about this Matt provides a lot of recourses such as website you can use to look up what interests you. 

This isn’t one of my favourite books that I have read but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep referring back to it when I need some good tips. 

Have you read Travel The World for $50 a day? What did you think about it ? 

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Lauren Juliff and How Not To Travel The World – Nov Book Reads

Walking through the local library I came across this book titled How not to travel the world -adventures of a disaster prone backpacker. I was intrigued, began flicking through it definitely caught my eye. 

How not to travel the world is Lauren’s story of how she left home to travel the world with little life experience and also someone who has anxiety.

I found this book fantastic very high up of must reads in my opinion. It’s entertaining both highs and lows, inspiring for people who would like to travel the world and/ or suffer anxiety (including myself). 

Make sure to check this book out and checkout her blog as well

Have you read this book ? did you like it? Comment below I’d love to hear your opinion or even if you have a book to suggest! 

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