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Japanese Geisha photoshoot in Ginza 

taken by makeup artist on iphone

One of the best things I did in Japan was I found a place where you can go and get a photoshoot dressed as a geisha or samurai 

I had been Internet browsing for stuff to do and found a studio offering these photoshoots. The studio is located in Ginza which is really easy to get to if your a tourist in Tokyo -I suggest catching the subway it’s the easiest way around Tokyo.

take by makeup artist on iphone

The whole thing took maybe 2 or 3 hrs from memory . 

The staff were all great and friendly and had decent English if you are unable to speak Japanese.

You will be put into a robe and the first step is getting your makeup done – this takes up majority of the time. You then get taken and put into your geisha/ samurai outfit (sorry I’m not sure that they are offically called) . For the geisha there’s a lot for layers roughly about 7 so you will be wrapped up pretty tight lol . Then next is getting your wig on and tada! 

Then photoshoot time.

You get about 4 or 5 pro photos that they will print out and save to a disc for you, then the make up artist took me and to the next room and took some photos on my phone which she takes quite a lot too. The whole experience is a lot of fun and you will get great photos as well as its something you probably wouldn’t do at home or in another country.  It’s totally worth your time and money if you can while in Tokyo 

pro shot

Lauren Juliff and How Not To Travel The World – Nov Book Reads

Walking through the local library I came across this book titled How not to travel the world -adventures of a disaster prone backpacker. I was intrigued, began flicking through it definitely caught my eye. 

How not to travel the world is Lauren’s story of how she left home to travel the world with little life experience and also someone who has anxiety.

I found this book fantastic very high up of must reads in my opinion. It’s entertaining both highs and lows, inspiring for people who would like to travel the world and/ or suffer anxiety (including myself). 

Make sure to check this book out and checkout her blog as well

Have you read this book ? did you like it? Comment below I’d love to hear your opinion or even if you have a book to suggest! 

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Benefits of being a solo traveller 

Views In Tokyo Japan

Ever thought about solo travel ? Or wondered what’s the point ? Well I am going to tell you some great points to solo travel! 

  • It will make you more out going- I am normally a quiet person until I get used to people but when your travelling solo you will learn to be a bit more outgoing even in simple situations as talking to people at reception desks, asking people for directions or even meeting other travellers.
  • You don’t miss out! If I didn’t go somewhere because no one I knew was interested in going or they couldn’t afford to etc then I would of been nearly no where ! 
  • Have your dream trip! You don’t need to worry about going around someone else, go where you want when you want 
  • Save money – now this will vary depending on your personality but I tend not to spend as much when I solo travel as I tend to make my own dinner more rather then going out and eating at fancy places everyday (which you can do there’s nothing wrong with that!), you can also stay at cheaper accom
First time seeing a squirrel – st james park in London

The Famous Robot Restaurant Tokyo 

Robot Restaurant
Robot Restaurant
First things first with the robot restaurant I don’t think no matter how many videos you watch or what people say – nothing can really explain the Robot Restaurant it’s such a one of a kind experience if you are in Tokyo it’s a must go! 

Even though this is called “restaurant” it is not actually a restaurant. You do have the option when purchasing your ticket to buy a bento box and there’s also a couple of breaks during the show for toilet breaks and staff will come around and offer you drinks and snacks.

Lights, loud noises, lasers, robots, dancers and crazy outfits are some of the many things in the show.

Also a small note for people who may not know the robot restaurant is located in Shinjuku’s red light district which made me a little nervous being a solo woman walking around to go there (had never been to a RLD before) I honestly would tell someone wanting to go not to worry about it, you could barely tell that is what a RLD – or at least from the street that I had came through 

Robot Restaurant is rated one of the top things to do in Tokyo and I agree it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Tickets are available from their offical website and tourists agencies 

Here’s a video I have put together from my experience at the Robot Restaurant!

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10 travel adventure movies 

Movies are always great to make you feel inspired and make you want to travel or perhaps your already got a holiday coming up and need to find some movies to take on a long plane ride but there’s so many to choose from! Here’s a few of my top suggestions that will help inspire you.
1.Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit trilogies 

These trilogies are at the top of my list Peter Jackson has done a superb job on them and is now a New Zealand icon! If you want to go to NZ this is a great movie to watch so many great views and of course The Shire itself . We see Frodo and Bilbo grow from being those simple hobbits to heroes . With sword fights, mythological characters, amazing filming and all based in NZ it’s a must see

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

Starring Ben Stiller this film is about your average jo coming to terms with the fact that “he hasn’t been anywhere or done anything” but that’s all about to change on this adventure of a lifetime . Now I really don’t want to give too much away but let me just say his global journey turns into a one of a kind adventure – if you havnt seen this movie then what are you waiting for?!
3. Wild America

This is one of those epic movies from my childhood . 3 brothers go off on a road trip adventure to film wild life- the kind many others were to scared to see. If these guys were around in real life 2016 they would be the ones with the 1 mil views on YouTube. American out back, adrenaline junkies, comedy that will have you laughing through the whole movie. It may have been made 20 or so years ago but it’s definitely not one to forget

4.Leap Year

Ever seen Just Married? Well this is kinda similar . Story goes a woman who is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to purpose decides to take matters into her own hands and follows the Celtic tradition of on 29 Feb a woman is allowed to purpose to her partner. So she goes to Dublin to make her dreams come true and purpose but life has a different plan for her when she winds up on the other end of the country where she meets Declan the man who helps her yet they can’t stand each other.. A rom-com film all placed in Ireland

5.Indiana Jones Movies Series

Indiana Jones is one of the ultimate travellers. See this archaeologists traveller to various places around the world, searching mysterious and ancient places. This is want a lot of gamers and others would want there life’s to be like. Every movie a new adventure and something to solve.

6.Moulin Rouge

Now a French icon this movie is a must see for Paris lovers. Placed in a French “burlesque’ vibe nightclub a poet played by Ewan Mcgregor is thrown into a unexpected world and meeting the clubs most famous star Satine played by Nicole Kidman. Burlesque meets musical meets France meets a fantasy world this movie will get your travel urge moving you will finish up wanting to book tickets to the real Moulin Rouge club in Paris.

7.Last Holiday 

Last HolidaySee Queen Latifah as Georgia a overly cautious saleswoman who finds out she has a terminal illness who decides to take out savings and go a trip to Europe and lives like a millionaire – seriously who doesn’t want to do that ?!

8. Just Married

Just Married Movie Poster

A newly married couple goes on their honeymoon to Europe where they will face all sorts of obstacles including a broken down hotel and running into a ex-boyfriend .Ashton and Brittany murphy make this a hilarious couple to watch get themselves into trouble in a foreign county.

9.The Impossible

The Impossible

Based on a true story of one families survival in the devastating 2004 tsunami that occurred in Thailand. Relaxing on a beach just after Christmas on December 26 a natural disaster strikes.

10.Julie & Julia 

Bored with her everyday job Julie Powell(Amy Adams) takes matters into own hands and starts a blog where she vows to prepare all 524 recipes of Chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep). Throughout the movie although both characters are in quite different situations and times, we see them both develop and grow with their common love for cooking.


These are just 10 recommendations there’s many more as well such as Without A Paddle, Chasing Liberty and even some of our favourite Disney classics which I’m sure I will discuss in a future post .

Got any movie suggestions ?? Comment below would love to hear some! or maybe you have seen some of the above movies did you like them ? Did they motivate you ?



April Reads- The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide 

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide By James Zeller 

Interest in saving money on or for your travels? 

Perhaps you have a “home life” where you can’t really spare as much $$… If your looking for a few cheats and wanting to earn some frequent flyer point / hotel bonuses then I recommend this book. I recommend it enough that I will probably read it again to catch up on a few details.  

This book talks a lot about using points depending on your location it will vary to what’s available such as frequent flyers, flybuys, points earned at grocery stores and also covers a few different booking website tips and options.

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