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Level 1 Aerial Hoops/Lyra

(Feb 2016) *sits staring at phone thinking to self “come on stop being indecisive just click the book now button – the class is free I have nothing to lose, it’s something I have always wanted to try” *clicks the book button

One of my first attempts at birdsnest

Yep that’s how that started! Every once in awhile I’d Google search where to learn aerials I didn’t have much success, until I saw a Facebook advertisement for a free aerial trial class.

I had never been in any sort of fitness class before it just never interested me. 
Bruises check . Sore muscles you didn’t know you had check. Adrenaline rush from how much fun you are having check! 

girl /man in a moon

Is there something you had wanted to do/a goal you’ve had  for such a long time , then gone and done it !? What was it? Did you enjoy it and recommend it ? Comment below ūüôā 


My First Aerial Comp! 

So I started aerial hoop and silks this year! Which I am so glad I gave it a go because it’s something I’ve wanting to do for a long time and I really enjoy it plus there’s a lot of extra bonuses such as getting a workout. 

Poison Ivy Aerial Hoop
I have just competed in my first (in house) comp! Which is a big achievement something that really gets out of the comfort zone especially if you are a quite person. 

I had done 2 routines this time around :

Aerial silks was Lara Croft themed to Marilyn Mansons version of Sweet Dreams. 

Aerial Hoop was Poison Ivy themed to Alice Coopers Poison. 

I was extremely nervous to head out on stage for silks I have never done a silks routine in front of a audience before – I was literally shaking like a leaf but I got out there and did it – didn’t go 100% smoothly but that fine it was fun and I got out there. Aerial hoop I am more confident in and I wasn’t so nervous to head out on stage for that one once again wasn’t perfect but I was quite happy with how they went . 

Still from Lara Croft Aerial Routine

Like a lot of people I don’t like getting up and talking in front of a group of people – in fact I hate it but for some reason performing like this it seems I can do and enjoy it when I go out on to that stage it’s a living in the moment feeling and everything sort of zones out. I don’t know if this is something that has stuck with me from when I was a kid and did the end of year performances could who knows? 

Though basically as soon as my routines had finished as nervous as I was I’m already waiting for the next showcase/comp to come up. 

All the performers were great it was definitely a fierce comp you really just want to sit and see all of the routines which can be kinda hard , but they were all amazing and the teachers / hosts have all been great support for everyone and letting us all practice literally day and night . 

Anyways this is just one of the awesome experiences I’ve had this year and I hope it can maybe inspire someone to go and try something they have wanted to go out and do. Go try out for that bowling team, or that skydiving class you have been eyeing on the offical website for probably a few years – better yet fly to that country you have been screen shooting pictures of from Instagram/ Facebook and go snorkling! 
Go check out my YouTube channel to see some of the videos I’ve taken from Cosplaying aerials and some of my other experiences ūüôā 

Have you competed in something you never thought you would of ? Perhaps there’s a cosplay/costume suggestion you would love to see me do a routine for ? Comment below ! 

That time I got to attend a Suicide Squad preview screening ! 

Alrighty so this all started I had been hanging out for Suicide Squad to come out at cinemas like many people and I had planned to go on opening night to go see it, turns it I got lucky and got to see it even earlier! 

I had seen a advertisement on Facebook via Supanova for a competition to win a double pass to the early screening at crown casino. 

So I entered with no expectation at all, I’d love to enter more comps but a lot of the time you end up being stuck with a Subscription and you don’t win. I took a chance on this one and I did win! 

Attendees were welcome (and encouraged) to come along in costume. Of course I love that, I’m trying to get better at costume/cosplay sort of stuff but that’s for another post. 

Lucky for me I had a Harley Quinn costume at the ready from a small beginner routine I had done aerial hoops in

In my opinion the event was pretty well run – staff were in costumes, there was a costume competition which the winner had won a Xbox, free snacks/drinks and other little freebies such as stickers etc.

I’ll be honest reviewing the movie, in my opinion it was good not great, enjoyable yet room for improvement but a lot better then batman vs superman. 

10 travel adventure movies 

Movies are always great to make you feel inspired and make you want to travel or perhaps your already got a holiday coming up and need to find some movies to take on a long plane ride but there’s so many to choose from! Here’s a few of my top suggestions that will help inspire you.
1.Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit trilogies 

These trilogies are at the top of my list Peter Jackson has done a superb job on them and is now a New Zealand icon! If you want to go to NZ this is a great movie to watch so many great views and of course The Shire itself . We see Frodo and Bilbo grow from being those simple hobbits to heroes . With sword fights, mythological characters, amazing filming and all based in NZ it’s a must see

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

Starring Ben Stiller this film is about your average jo coming to terms with the fact that “he hasn’t been anywhere or done anything” but that’s all about to change on this adventure of a lifetime . Now I really don’t want to give too much away but let me just say his global journey turns into a one of a kind adventure – if you havnt seen this movie then what are you waiting for?!
3. Wild America

This is one of those epic movies from my childhood . 3 brothers go off on a road trip adventure to film wild life- the kind many others were to scared to see. If these guys were around in real life 2016 they would be the ones with the 1 mil views on YouTube. American out back, adrenaline junkies, comedy that will have you laughing through the whole movie. It may have been made 20 or so years ago but it’s definitely not one to forget

4.Leap Year

Ever seen Just Married? Well this is kinda similar . Story goes a woman who is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to purpose decides to take matters into her own hands and follows the Celtic tradition of on 29 Feb a woman is allowed to purpose to her partner. So she goes to Dublin to make her dreams come true and purpose but life has a different plan for her when she winds up on the other end of the country where she meets Declan the man who helps her yet they can’t stand each other.. A rom-com film all placed in Ireland

5.Indiana Jones Movies Series

Indiana Jones is one of the ultimate travellers. See this archaeologists traveller to various places around the world, searching mysterious and ancient places. This is want a lot of gamers and others would want there life’s to be like. Every movie a new adventure and something to solve.

6.Moulin Rouge

Now a French icon this movie is a must see for Paris lovers. Placed in a French “burlesque’ vibe nightclub a poet played by Ewan Mcgregor is thrown into a unexpected world and meeting the clubs most famous star Satine played by Nicole Kidman. Burlesque meets musical meets France meets a fantasy world this movie will get your travel urge moving you will finish up wanting to book tickets to the real Moulin Rouge club in Paris.

7.Last Holiday 

Last HolidaySee Queen Latifah as Georgia a overly cautious saleswoman who finds out she has a terminal illness who decides to take out savings and go a trip to Europe and lives like a millionaire – seriously who doesn’t want to do that ?!

8. Just Married

Just Married Movie Poster

A newly married couple goes on their honeymoon to Europe where they will face all sorts of obstacles including a broken down hotel and running into a ex-boyfriend .Ashton and Brittany murphy make this a hilarious couple to watch get themselves into trouble in a foreign county.

9.The Impossible

The Impossible

Based on a true story of one families survival in the devastating 2004 tsunami that occurred in Thailand. Relaxing on a beach just after Christmas on December 26 a natural disaster strikes.

10.Julie & Julia 

Bored with her everyday job Julie Powell(Amy Adams) takes matters into own hands and starts a blog where she vows to prepare all 524 recipes of Chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep). Throughout the movie although both characters are in quite different situations and times, we see them both develop and grow with their common love for cooking.


These are just 10 recommendations there’s many more as well such as Without A Paddle, Chasing Liberty and even some of our favourite Disney classics which I’m sure I will discuss in a future post .

Got any movie suggestions ?? Comment below would love to hear some! or maybe you have seen some of the above movies did you like them ? Did they motivate you ?



April Reads- The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide 

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide By James Zeller 

Interest in saving money on or for your travels? 

Perhaps you have a “home life” where you can’t really spare as much $$… If your looking for a few cheats and wanting to earn some frequent flyer point / hotel bonuses then I recommend this book. I recommend it enough that I will probably read it again to catch up on a few details.  

This book talks a lot about using points depending on your location it will vary to what’s available such as frequent flyers, flybuys, points earned at grocery stores and also covers a few different booking website tips and options.

Subscribe and look out for some of my other book reads and travel tips in the near future! 

Have you got some of your own travel hacking tips or book recommendation ? Like and comment below